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The project "pink-camel" will soon be discontinued.

Hello dear visitors of this website.

The preliminary end of the project "Pink-Camel" is now certain!

Operation will cease in the middle of next year.

All of this only if nothing changes.

The website www.pink-camel.de was planned as a dynamic project.
Every visitor could have contributed as a supporter in his own way.

I have often asked to send me your self-written reviews (concerts, discography, etc.), pictures of concert posters, tickets.

Instead, nothing happened. Respectively. there were very few visitors who contributed their share to this website.

Your lack of interest in the only independent Camel fan website is also evident in the visits to this website.

In the 10 years that "Pink-Camel" has existed, Camel websites have given up year after year.
Some still exist, but they were last updated 5 or 10 years ago.
Unfortunately Ricardo recently had to give up his blog "Latimerish" for exactly these reasons.

The truth is basically a relatively simple thing. For 90% of Camel fans, the Internet only consists of Facebook.

Sure, Facebook is more dynamic than what I'm going to do. There are also camel groups there, but as is well known,

Everything has two sides. Facebook collects your data, facial markers (biometrics), picks up emails, sells data etc.

The other effect, such small, detailed and lovingly created websites, have to stop because of your behavior.

Instead of being upset now, I would be very thoughtful right now, at the latest now.

Due to your rash behavior, the end of every fan website is already sealed.




By the way: the language of truth is simple.
Euripides (480 - 407 BC), Greek tragedy poet
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