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FM = Radio Broadcast,   SBD = Soundboard,   AUD = Audience,   M = Mono,   A+++ = Excellent,  A+ = Very Good,   A- = OK,   B+ = Good,   C = Only for Collectors,    D = Barely Audible



   Artwork Title Duration Source Quality Label Info Setlist




London, UK  
Royal Albert Hall
Royal Albert Hall Concert
2:17:56 AUD A++ none  

Lomg Goodbyes
2:20:40 AUD A+ none  


Birmingham, UK  
Birmingham Town Hall
Spirit Of The Water 2:17:10 AUD A+ none  


Leamington, UK  
The Assembly
Moonmadness At The Assembly 2:15:55 AUD A+ none  


Manchester, UK  
Bridgewater Hall
Live In The Bridgewater Hall 2:15:43 AUD A none  


Lisboa, PT  
Coliseu dos Recreios de Lisboa
Moonmadness In Lisboa 2.08:04 AUD A++ none  


Den HaagNL  
Paard van Troje
Paard van Troje 2018 2:10:40 AUD A none  


St. Goarshausen, DE  
 Live At The
Night Of The Prog 2018
2:05:59 AUD A+ none  



A Moonmadness Night 2:17:33 AUD A none  


Lunar Sea In Eindhoven 2:13:03 AUD A none  


Zabrze, PL  
Dom Muzyki i Tańca
Camel At Dom Muzyki i Tańca 2:17:00 AUD A none  


Warszawa, PL  
Progrsja Music Zone
Live At The PMZ 2:12:54 AUD A none  


Kawasaki, JP   
Club Citta

3th Night In Japan 2:44:15 AUD A+ Amity  


Kawasaki, JP   
Club Citta

The Mystic Dream in Kawasaki
(1st Night in Japan)
2:27:49 AUD A Amity  



   Artwork Title Duration Source Quality Label Info Setlist


Tokyo, JP   
Hibiya Open-Air Concert Hall

Progressive Rock
Festival 2016
1:33:30 AUD C/B+ none  


Tokyo, JP   
Ex Theater Roppongi

Live In Tokyo 2016 2:01:18 AUD A none  


Osaka, JP   
Namba Hatch

Live In Osaka 2016
2:01:48 AUD A+ none  



   Artwork Title Duration Source Quality Label Info Setlist


Kent, UK  
Mode Park

Ramblin' Man Festival 1:22:37 AUD A none  


Wolverhampton, UK  
Wulfrun Hall

Another Night In Wolverhampton 1:58:58 AUD A none  


Kraków,  PL 
ICE Kraków Congress Centre

Camel At ICE Kraków Congress Centre 1:54:56 AUD A none  


Poznań,  PL 

Mother Road To Poland 1:51:10 AUD A- none  


St. Goarshausen, DE  

 Night Of The Prog 2015 1:34:34 AUD A- none [ECM717] 

unknow title

1:34:27 AUD A   [H2]

Night Of The Prog 2015

1:01:14 AUD A-   DVD



Live At The Tivoli 1:50:11 AUD A+ none  [MvD-105]


Le Kursaal
The Spirit Of Camel 1:53:16 AUD A+ none  

Kursaal Fantasies 1:52:31 AUD A+ none  

Camel At Salle Le Kursaal 1:52:44 AUD A none  


Barcelona, ES  
Poble Espanyol
Barcelona Live 1:34:17 AUD A- none  


Bath, UK  
The Forum
Live At The Bath Forum 2:07:04 AUD A+ none 24bit


St. Albans, UK  
Alban Arena

Live In St. Albans 2:17:13 AUD A A Disputandum Production  


Vincenza, IT  
Teatro Comunale

Snow Goose In Vincenza 2:23:01 AUD A++ none  


Torino, IT  
Hiroshima Mon Amour

Snow Goose Live In Torino 49:08 AUD     DVD


Madrid, ES  
Teatro Nuevo Apolo

Live Echoes 2:17:47 AUD A    


Birmingham, UK  

Live At Birmingham Town Hall 2:14:48 AUD A- none  

Birmingham Town Hall 2014 2:14:56 AUD A+ none  

The Snow Goose 2:14:32 AUD A+ none  

Super Stereo Mix 2:15:45 AUD A+ none  



Camel & The Goose 2:15:17 AUD A none [ECM717]

unknow title

(The same)

2:15:15 AUD A++ none  [CF]  



With Progressive Regards 2:14:20 AUD A+ none   

Snow Goose Revisted 2:16:20 AUD A+ none [Lylian]


Frits Philips Musikgebouw

Camel & Carnaval 2:11:01 AUD A+ none  



Fantastic To Be Back 2:14:39 AUD A none  

The Snow Goose 2014 2:14:13 AUD A none  


Fulda, DE  

Orangerie Fulda 2:12:44 AUD A++ none  

Live In Fulda 2:14:44 AUD A+ none  Remaster

Fulda, Germany 2013 1:57:16     none DVD


Mannheim, DE  
Alte Seilerei

Cameloween 2:15:31 AUD A none [Wannerl]

Rhayader Goes To Monnem 2:18:10 AUD A none [Metamarc]

3rd source 2:17:16 AUD A none   

4th source 2:13:43 AUD A none [Keksdose]


Christus Kirche

Live At Christuskirche 2:16:21 AUD A none  

The Snow Goose Goes
To Christ Church
2:18:05 AUD A+ none [Torrentino]


London, UK  
The Barbican

Live At The Barbican 2:13:30 AUD A none  



Return Of The Snow Goose 2:24:05 AUD A none [MvD100]


It Has Been A While 2:25:16 AUD A none [Floydiandolf]

Live In Amsterdam 2:19:01     none DVD



The Great Marsh
2:24:45 AUD A none  


Le Kursaal

Night Flight Of The Snow Goose
2:18:35 AUD A+ none Remaster

5th Flight Of The Snow Goose
2:18:23 AUD A+ none  

Rhayader Goes To Limbourg 1:47:00 AUD A+ none DVD


Harrogate, UK  
Royal Hall

Camel Plays In Harrogate 2:35:06 AUD A none  



  Artwork Title Duration Source Quality Label Info Setlist
2003-10-29 Sheffield, UK        

 Live In The Corporation 2:39:27 AUD A- none  

2003-10-28 London, UK        
Astoria Theatre

 Astoria Live 2:13:31 AUD A- none

2003-10-27 Milton Keynes, UK        
The Stables

 Live At The Stables 2:10:59 AUD A none  

2003-10-26 Groningen, NL     

Last Show In Holland 2:11:12 AUD A+ none

2003-10-25 Verviers, BE     
Grand Théâtre de Verviers

Au Grand-Théâtre De Verviers 2:09:05
+ 22:19
AUD A none The Spirit of 66

2003-10-24 Rijssen, NL        
Lucky & Co.

Last Farewell Tour 2:18:32 AUD A+ none  

2003-10-23 Tilburg, NL        
Club 013

Live At Club 013 2:07:52 AUD A+ none

Camel At Club 013 1:57:16       DVD

2003-10-21 Utrecht, NL     

Lady Fantasy
2:14:51 AUD A none  

2003-10-20 Amsterdam, NL     

Camel In Paradiso 2:14:51 AUD A none  

2003-10-19 Rotterdam, NL     

Farewell Tour Rotterdam 2:10:40 AUD A none  

2003-10-18 Bonn, DE  

Farewell At Bonn 2:15:47 AUD A none  

2003-10-16 Vlissingen, NL     

Live At Arsenaaltheater 2:02:53 AUD A+ none  

2003-10-15 Paderborn, DE  

Camel Live At Capitol 2:06:56 AUD A+/A none  

2003-10-14 Paris, FR     
Elysee Montmartre

The Last Farewell In Paris 2:02:36 AUD A+ AMC-005  

2nd source 2:15:34 AUD A+ none  

2003-10-12 Barcelona, ES  
Sala Bikini

For Today 1:50:50  AUD A+ none  

2003-10-11 Bergara, ES  
Sala Jam

Farewell Tor Bergara 1:56:14 AUD A none  

2003-10-10 Madrid, ES      
Sala Macumba  

Farewell To Madrid
2:12:01 AUD A++ PRRP-057  

Madrid 2003 2:11:54 AUD A none  

2003-06-30 Alexandria, US  
Birchmere Music Hall

 Live At The Birchmere 2:06:26 AUD A none  

The Lostbrook
Tape Series Volume 88
2:02:11 AUD A none  

2003-06-29 Trenton, US  
Patriots Theatre

Nearfest 2003 2:10:41 SBD? A+ AMC-007 Nearfest

2003-06-28 New York, US  
Bottom Line Theatre
Better Late Than Never 1:58:17   A none Late Show

The Early Show 2:00:57 AUD A none Early Show

2003-06-26 Santa Cruz, US  
Catalyst Club

God Of Light in The Catalyst 2:28:28 AUD A none  



   Artwork Title Duration Source Quality Label Info Setlist
2001-04-07 Mexico City, MX    
Salon 21

Camel Live In Mexico  2:08:05 AUD B+ none  

2001-04-05 San José, CR    
Teatro Popular Melico Salazar
Costa Rica Live 1:12:02 AUD A+ none  

2001-04-01 Santiago, CL         
Teatro Providencia

Camel Live In Chile 1:40:21 AUD A++ none  

2001-03-29 Buenos Aires, AR     
Lasalle Teatro

Live In Argentinia 2:03:00 AUD A+/A++ none  

2001-03-28 Sao Paulo, BR         

Tour Brazil 2001 1:37:46 AUD A none  

2001-03-23 Belo Horizonte, BR         
Teatro Topazio

Live At
2:00:52 AUD A none  

Live In Belo Horizonte 2001 2:00:50   A none  

Three Wishes In Brazil 2:01:00   A none  

2000-10-14 Athens, GR         
Rodon Club

Live In Athens 1:11:06 AUD B+ none  

2000-10-13 Thessaloniki, GR  
Mylos Club

Live At The Mylos Club 1:52:06 AUD   none  

Live At The Mylos Club 2:06:31        

2000-10-10 London, UK  
Astoria Theatre

Live At The
Astoria Theatre (1)
2:07:56   A none    ?

2000-10-09 Glasgow, UK    

The Garage Concert 1:56:55   A+ none  

2000-10-07 Liverpool, UK  

Live At The Lomax 2:10:50 AUD A++/A+ none  

2000-10-06 London, UK  
Astoria Theatre

Camel At
London Astoria
2:07:05 AUD A none  

2000-10-05 Norwich, UK        

The Waterfront Concert 2:06:13 AUD A- none  

2000-10-04 Cambridge, UK  
The Junction

Live At The Junction 2:06:13 AUD A+ none  

2000-10-03 Leicester, UK        
The Charlotte

Camel In Leicester 2:00:08 AUD A none  

2000-10-02 Dudley, UK        

Live At The JBS 1:56:51 AUD A none  

2000-09-30 Paris, FR         
Le Bataclan

The Bataclan Show 2:05:05 AUD A/A- none  

2000-09-29 Utrecht, NL  

The Final Encore In Utrecht 2:01:09   B none  

2000-09-28 Rotterdam, NL  

Live In Nighttown 2:03:42 AUD A none  

2000-09-27 Tilburg, NL  
Club 013

Between Windmills 2:12:19 AUD A none  

2000-09-26 Amsterdam, NL       

Live At Paradiso 2:09:39 AUD A none  

2000-09-25 Groningen, NL  

The Oosterpoort Echoes 2:08:32   A+ none  

2000-09-22 Barcelona, ES  
Sala Bikini

...In Sala Bikini 2:11:39   A none  

2000-09-21 Madrid, ES       
La Riviera  

Live In Madrid
2:17:31 AUD A AMC-002  

2000-09-19 Clermont-Ferrand, FR  
La Coopèrative de Mai

Live In Clermond Ferrand  2:08:30  AUD A+ none  

2000-09-18 Torino, IT  
Hiroshima mon amour

Live In Torino 2:14:15 AUD A none  

2000-09-15 Kraków, PL  
Hala Wisly

 Title? 2:13:59 AUD B+ none  

2000-09-11 Hamburg, DE  

The Fabrik Concert 1:56:40 AUD A+ none  

2000-09-08 Tokyo, JP  
Shibuya Deseo

Camel Plays Rajaz 2:17:14 AUD A+ none  

2000-09-07 Tokyo, JP   
Akasaka Blitz

Live At Akasaka Blitz 2:08:59   A none  

2000-09-06 Tokyo, JP   
Akasaka Blitz

1st Akasaka Blitz Concert
2:15:26 AUD A none  

2000-09-04 Osaka, JP  
Umeda Heat Beat

Live In Osaka 2000 2:00:59 AUD A+ none  

2000-08-29 Los Angeles, US       
The Troubadour

The Troubadour Club Concert 2:15:02 AUD A+ none  

2000-08-27 San Francisco, US  
Great American Music Hall

The second Gig 2:25:52 AUD A+ none  

2000-08-26 San Francisco, US  
Great American Music Hall

Live In The Great
American Music Hall
2:25:26 AUD A+ none  

Title 2:19:33 AUD A+ none  



  Artwork Title Duration Source Quality Label Info Setlist
1997-04-18 Rotherham, UK              Herringthorpe Leisure Center

Live At Herringthorpe Leisure Centre 2:35:45   A- none  

1997-04-14 Norwich, UK        

  2:37:52     none    

1997-04-13 London, UK        
Astoria Theatre

Irish Air In London 2:05:38   A+ none  

1997-04-12 Paris, FR     
Cafe de la Danse
Départ 2:22:36 AUD A+ none  

1997-04-10 Koeln, DE  

Camel In Luxor 2:27:50 AUD A- none  

1997-04-06 Warszawa, PL  
Sala Kongresowa

1st source   2:31:47  + 04:58 AUD A+ none  

2nd source 2:22:00 AUD A none  

3rd source 2:09:54 SBD A++ none  

1997-04-05 Kraków, PL       
Hala Wisla

Live At Hala Wisła 51:04 FM A+ none  

1997-04-02 Muenchen, DE  
Club Incognito

The Incognito Club 2:22:01 AUD A none  

1997-03-31 Utrecht, NL  
Live In Utrecht 97 2:16:40  AUD A none  

1997-03-29 Nijmegen, NL  
De Vereeniging
Running From Paradise 2:33:05 AUD A/A+ none  

1997-03-26 Amsterdam, NL  
 Harbour Of Tears Tour 2:27:36 AUD A none  

1997-03-25 Tilburg, NL  

The Hour Candle 2:01:49 AUD A- none  

1997-03-22 Kawasaki, JP  
Club Citta

  2:55:01   A none    

1997-03-21 Tokyo, JP  
On Air West

Twilight 2:37:23 AUD A none  

2nd source 2:37:32 AUD A none  

1997-03-19 Nagoya, JP       
Bottom Line  

Eastern Air 2:42:15 AUD A none  

1997-03-18 Osaka, JP  
Banana Hall

Under The Osaka Moon 2:37:51 AUD A none  

1997-03-13 West Hollywood, US  


1997-03-09 San Francisco, US  
Great American Music Hall


1997-03-06 San Rafael, US  
New George`s

  2:13:40   A+ none    



   Artwork Title Duration Source Quality Label Info Setlist
1992-09-17 London, UK        
Town & Country Club
Dust & Dreams in London 2:10:48 AUD B none  

1992-09-14 Madrid, ES  
Revolver Club
Hopeless Anger 2:11:11   B+ none  

1992-09-13 Barcelona, ES      
Zeleste 2

Live At Zeleste 2 2:10:30 AUD B none  

1992-09-12 Toulouse, FR          
Salle des Fetes Garonne

Toulouse live 1:06:54 AUD B+ none  

1992-09-10 Paris, FR     
Le Bataclan

 Vivre Dans Le Bataclan 2:15:18 AUD B+ none  

1992-09-08 Enschede, NL  

Camel Go West 1:48:21 SBD A+++ none  

1992-09-07 Amsterdam, NL  
Paradiso 1992 2:15:59   B+ LDB Special Series #287  

1992-09-05 Utrecht, NL  

      B+ none    

1992-09-04 Tilburg, NL  

A Noorderligt Night 2:03:15 AUD B+ none  

1992-08-31 Hamburg, DE  

Fabrik 1992 2:16:13 AUD A+ none  

1992-08-26 Tokyo, JP      
Club Quattro

We Like To Play... 1:14:42 AUD A none Missing Disc 1

1992-08-24 Tokyo, JP  
Club Quattro

 This bootleg is available twice, but the titles are completely contradicting, do not match the official setlist.

1992-08-23 Osaka, JP  


1992-08-21 Tokyo, JP  
Club Quattro

Storm Clouds From Tokyo 1:55:32  AUD A none  

1992-08-20 Tokyo, JP  
Club Quattro

Live In Club Quattro 2:08:17 AUD A none  

1992-08-12 San Rafael, US       
New George`s
The Dust Bowl
Lagacies Of Wrath
1:59:00 AUD A SDR Records  



   Artwork Title Duration Source Quality Label Info Setlist
1984-05-28 Stockholm, SE     

Stockkolm 1984 1:50:59 AUD B Amsterdam

1984-05-22 Stuttgart, DE  
Camel At The Maxim 1:42:37 AUD   none  

1984-05-19 Paris, FR  

Live In L' Eldorado 1:24:05 AUD B none  

1984-05-18 Nijmegen, NL  
De Vereeniging

Camel In De Vereeniging 1:43:24 AUD A none  

1984-05-16 Rotterdam, NL  
De Doelen
Live In Rotterdam 1984 1:51:08 AUD A+ none  

1984-05-15 Utrecht, NL  

Live In Vredenburg 1:46:35 FM A- none  

Refugee 1:32:27  FM  A+ Ayanami-120  

3rd source 1:25:34     none  

4th source 1:35:15     none  

1984-05-14 Haarlem, NL  

The Stationary Traveller
1:50:46  AUD B- none  

1984-05-11 London, UK   
Hammersmith Odeon

Vopos In London 1:18:53 SBD A OTA-010  

Pressure Points II 43:41 AUD A none  

1984-05-10 Birmingham, UK  
Odeon Theatre

Odeon Theatre 1:47:38 AUD B+ none  

1984-05-07 Hatfield, UK  
Hatfield Forum

At The Hatfield Forum 1:34:45 AUD B+ none  

1984-05-04 Cardiff, UK  
St. David´s Hall

Live In St. David's Hall 1:47:10 AUD A- none  

1984-04-27 Nottingham, UK     
Theatre Royal
Fingertips 2:08:14 AUD B+ none  

The Stationary Traveller Tour 1:56:46 AUD B+ none  



   Artwork Title Duration Source Quality Label Info Setlist
1982-09-01 Barcelona, ES  
Plaza de Toros Monumental

Plaza De Toros 1:09:57 AUD B+ none  

1982-08-28 Puerto Banus, ES  
Plaza de Toros de La Nueva Andalucia                

Live In Andalucia 1:18:14 AUD B+ none  

1982-06-17 Utrecht, NL  

Young Love 1:26:41 AUD B- none  

1982-06-14 Nijmegen, NL  
De Vereeniging

We Are In Nijmegen 1:25:56 AUD B+ none  

1982-06-13 Den Haag, NL  
Live At The Hague 1982 55:47 AUD A none  

1982-06-10 Copenhagen, DK       
Odd Fellow

Wait In Copenhagen 1:20:18 AUD C+ none  

1982-06-07 Goeteborg, SE     

 Goeteborg 1982 1:26:56 AUD B+ none  

1982-06-03 London, UK      
Hammersmith Odeon

The Another Factor 49:03 FM A Highland Bootleg

Live at the Odeon 42:13 FM A none  

The Capitol Radio Show 48:50 FM A- none  

1982-05-29 Edinburgh, UK  
Playhouse Theatre
The Anniversary Factor 1:28:06 AUD B none  

1982-05-28 Newcastle, UK   
City Hall

Newcastle 1982       none    

1982-05-17 Manchester, UK  
Apollo Theatre

Happy Birthday Andy 1:31:46 AUD A- none  

1982-05-16 Liverpool, UK  
Empire Theatre
Live In Liverpool 1982 1:14:49 AUD B+ none  

Neon Magic Liverpool 1:29:31 AUD B none  



   Artwork Title Duration Source Quality Label Info Setlist
1981-04-02 London, UK  
Hammersmith Odeon

London City Life 57:40 AUD A none  

1981-03-24 Barcelona, ES  
Palacio de los Desportes

Viva Barcelona 1:38:47 AUD B+ none  

1981-03-17 Madrid, ES  
Pabellón de Deportes Del Real Madrid

The Madrid Concert 1:43:05   A- none  

1981-03-10 Paris, FR       
Hippodrome de Pantin
Paris 1981 1:32:04 AUD A- none  

1981-02-27 London, UK  
Hammersmith Odeon
Nude In  Hammersmith 1:38:11 AUD B+ Acqua Light  

1981-02-23 Bristol, UK      
Colston Hall

Live At Colston Hall 1:35:53 AUD A- none  

1981-02-19 Newcastle, UK  
City Hall

Reflections 54:57 AUD B+ none  

1981-02-18 Glasgow, UK  
Apollo Theatre
Live At The Apollo 1:13:07 AUD B none  

1981-02-16 Preston, UK      
Guild Hall

Landscapes 1:13:15 AUD A- none  

1981-02-06 Nijmegen, NL       
De Vereeniging
Live In Nijmegen 1:35:41 AUD B+ none  

1981-02-03 Copenhagen, DK  
Tivoli Concert Hall
Copenhagen Live 1:20:26 AUD A AVTR-011  

1981-01-30 Stockholm, SE       
Göta Lejon
Nude's Return To
1:26:18 AUD B+ none  

1980-07-19 Wijchen, NL  
Desert Songs 1:14:44 AUD A none  

1980-07-?? Nijmegen, NL  
De Vereeniging
? 35:00 AUD B none    



   Artwork Title Duration Source Quality Label Info Setlist
1980-01-29 Tokyo, JP  
Kōsei Nenkin Kaikan

1st source 1:36:02 AUD B+ none  

Live In Tokyo 1980 1:11:16 AUD B+ none  

1980-01-28 Tokyo, JP  
Nakano Sunplaza

Stranger Love 1:49:18 AUD A+ none  

1980-01-27 Tokyo, JP  
Kōsei Nenkin Kaikan
Neon Magic 41:18 AUD B+ Show Co. SC-9447-11  

1980-01-24 Nagoya, JP      
Nagoya-shi Koukaidou
I Can Hear Your Music
From Here 1980
1:25:53 AUD A Siréne-028  

1980-01-23 Tokyo, JP  
Nakano Sun Plaza

Live At Nakano Sun Plaza       none    

1979-11-28 Barcelona, ES  
Juventud de Badalona

Barcelona 1979 1:28:50 AUD B+ none  

1979-11-24 Le Mans, FR     

Live In Le Mans 1:41:54 AUD B+ none  

1979-11-20 Rotterdam, NL  
De Doelen
 Live In Rotterdam 1979  33:19 AUD B+ none  

 ??Live At VARA Radio?? 1:35:44 FM B+/A none  

1979-11-16 Oslo, NO  
Chateau Neuf

Live At The Chateau Neuf 1:26:17 FM B+ none    

unknow title 1:18:07 AUD B none  DAVROS 072

1979-11-11 Hamburg, DE  

The Audimax Gig 1:32:15 AUD B+ none  

1979-11-09 Duesseldorf, DE  
Live In Düsseldorf 1:32:26 AUD B+ none  

1979-10-21 Leicester, UK  
De Montford Hall

unknow title 1:21:00 AUD   none    

1979-10-17 Southampton, UK         
Gaumont Theatre
unknow title 1:28:07 AUD B none  

1979-10-12 London, UK         
Hammersmith Odeon

unknow title 1:12:47 AUD B-/B none  
*1979-11-20 - Rotterdam: Deviations in the playing time of the bootleg from the specific word. Somehow it doesn't go together ... 



   Artwork Title Duration Source Quality Label Info Setlist
1979-02-18 Los Angeles, US  
(West Hollywood)
The Roxy Theatre

unknow title 1:23:03     none    

1979-02-16 Los Angeles, US  
(West Hollywood)
The Roxy Theatre

 unknow title 42:12
AUD C        none late show  

unknow title 51:57 AUD C none early show  

1979-02-15 Los Angeles, US  
(West Hollywood)
The Roxy Theatre
Roxy Road - The Late Show 1:32:15 AUD A PRRP-032 late show

Roxy Road - The early Show 1:16:14 AUD C none early show


San Diego, US       
The Roxy Theatre

San Diego Late Show 1:39:33 AUD B+ none late show

San Diego Early Show 1:12:07 AUD B none early show

1979-02-11 San Francisco, US     
Old Waldorf
Echoes Knights 1:27:32 FM A- none KALX Berkeley Radio

1979-02-09 San Jose, US  
Center for the Performing Arts
Never Let Go 1:21:13 + 09:23 FM TNT Studio
KSJO Broadcast

Day Dream 1:16:50 AUD B/B+ Highland Bootlegs

3rd source 1:47:40 AUD B/B+ none  

1979-01-23 Tokyo, JP  
Kōsei Nenkin Kaikan
Echoes 1:32:05 AUD B+ Dynamite Studio  

The Tokyo Radio Show 59:23 FM B+ none  

1979-01-22 Tokyo, JP  
Kōsei Nenkin Kaikan

unknow title   FM B+ none    

1979-01-19 Nagoya, JP       
Nagoya-shi Koukaidou

unknow title 1:33:04 AUD A-/B+ none  

1979-01-17 Osaka, JP       
Kōsei Nenkin Kaikan

unknow title 1:04:53 AUD B+ none  

1979-01-16 Tokyo, JP       
Kōsei Nenkin Kaikan

unknow title 1:35:17 AUD A-/B+ none  

1978-11-28 Barcelona, ES        

Barcelona 1978 1:30:30 AUD B- none  

1978-11-26 San Sebastian, ES       Velodromo Antonio Elorza

Tell Me 1:21:33 AUD B- none  

1978-11-22 Bordeaux, FR       
Salle des fêtes du Grand Parc
Summer Lightning 1:21:19 AUD B+ none  

2nd source 1:21:23 AUD B+ none [mastered 16-44]

3rd source 1:13:44 AUD B+ none  

1978-11-18 Tours, FR  

Live in Tours 1:28:33 AUD B+ none  

Paris, FR   
Le Stadium
The Cellars Tape No. 10 1:23:51 AUD B+ none  

1978-11-12 Nijmegen, NL      
De Vereeniging

unknow title 1:30:12 AUD B+ none  

Basel, CH  
Festsaal Messe Basel
A Swiss Camel 1:25:03 AUD B AMC-009  

1978-10-31 Heilbronn, DE        

Heilbronn 78 1:27:52 AUD B none  

1978-10-29 Saarbruecken, DE  

Live In Saarbruecken       none    

1978-10-25 Duesseldorf, DE  

Bands On Stage 1:12:58 FM
B+ none WDR2

2nd source 1:19:09 AUD B none  

1978-10-24 Koeln, DE  
Live in Koeln 1:28:18 AUD B+ none  

1978-09-20 Sheffield, UK  
City Hall
Breathless in Sheffield 1:57:28 AUD A none  



   Artwork Title Duration Source Quality Label Info Setlist
1977-10-03 Leeds, UK  

unknow title   AUD A none    

1977-10-02 Bristol, UK  
Colston Hall

unknow title 26:58 AUD A none  

1977-09-27 Newcastle, UK      
City Hall

unknow title 1:29:04 AUD B-/C none  

1977-09-25 Glasgow, UK  
Apollo Theatre
Raindances On The Road  1:28:21 AUD B/B+ none  

1977-09-24 Liverpool, UK  
Empire Theatre
Camel At The Empire 1:34:56 AUD B+ none  

1977-09-22 London, UK  
Hippodrome Theatre
Unevensongs 56:00 FM A  Oh Boy 1-9092  

Moon Dance   56:16
FM A Highland Bootlegs

Golders Green 77 56:14 FM A none  

Radio 1 Concert 56:17 FM A none  

1977-09-15 Oslo, NO  
Chateau Neuf

Rain Dances In Oslo 1:18:47 AUD A none  

1977-09-03 Scheeßel, DE  
First Rider Open Air Festival 46:02 AUD B none

1977-06-15 ??              



   Artwork Title Duration Source Quality Label Info Setlist
1976-10-11 Madrid, ES    
Palacio de los Desportes

unknow title 50:46 AUD A- none  

1976-09-29 Goeteborg, SE             Konserthuset

unknow title 56:03 AUD B+ none  

1976-09-23 Oslo, NO       
Chateau Neuf

1st Oslo Concert 1:10:44 AUD B-/B none  

1976-09-20 Helsinki, FI