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Name:David Mullen
Time:23.04.2015 um 09:17 (UTC)
Message:What a delight to find this very informative and well constructed
website, packed with interesting articles, photo's and much more. A must for all Camel fans throughout the world. Well done, Michael!
Comment:Thanks, but without the help of my visitors would be worthless this page!

Name:Vasilis Tatsis
Time:22.03.2015 um 12:44 (UTC)
Message:Long Live Camel...

Time:22.01.2015 um 09:33 (UTC)
Message:Great website. However, the Camel gig listed for 14.2.81 took place at Mansfield (UK) Leisure Centre - I know as I was there!

Time:26.09.2014 um 09:32 (UTC)
Message:That's really a great site. Forgot to listen Camel Music since Long time. Yesterday heard in my car, I was a fan Long time ago, and ... how, what a fantastic Sound and perfect mastery of the instruments and the melody. What an experience :-). Who else can offer this at the present time
Comment:Oh yes, how right you only. Today everything is patched together more or less carelessly. Good music requires a large degree of perfection and attention to what you do.

Time:08.09.2014 um 13:26 (UTC)
Message:Michael has done a fantastic website website in both, content and presentation. Clearly, it is a work of love, a job that must have taken a lot of time and patience to develop. Visiting Pink-Camel.De provides a marvelous insight on the history of one of my favorite bands: Camel. Congratulations! Avanti!
Comment:Thank you for your praise, but I think that it could go even better.

Time:04.06.2014 um 14:06 (UTC)
Message:Just wanted to say how much I am enjoying the 'weekly clips'. The current clip, from Manchester 2013, is fantastic.
Keep up the amazing work as always :)

Time:07.04.2014 um 15:28 (UTC)
Message:Im Nachgang zum Camel Konzert im März 2014 in Filderstadt bin ich auf die Homepage gestoßen und war von der fanpage sehr angetan. Man sieht förmlich die Begeisterung für die Musik und die Liebe fürs Detail. Vor allem die Historie ist klasse. So konnte ich das 35 Jahre alte Camel-Konzert wieder nacherleben.
Großes Lob!!
Comment:Ich bedanke mich für Dein Lob. Für Anregungen bin ich jederzeit offen. Hoffentlich bleibt und Camel noch lange erhalten.

Time:14.03.2014 um 08:18 (UTC)
Message:Nice site. Never seemed to be that many dedicated to the greatest band ever. So thanks for putting this together.
Comment:Thank you very much for your praise. The fact is that there is hardly another website, so dealing with Camel and her work as

To me it's all right .....

Name:Frederic Huybens
Time:12.12.2013 um 22:01 (UTC)
Message:What an great website. I've been a Camel fan since 1980 and never missed a tour since the Nude Tour. How to proceed if we want to send some material? Could you give me your e-mail?

Name:Ingleby Craig
Time:04.11.2013 um 21:21 (UTC)
Message:So glad I found this site. Jumped on the Camel train when Nude came out. Worked my way back from there. Was lucky enough to see them in Harrogate the other week. The whole day was spectacular. From the many body builders roaming the streets during the day to the violent electrical storm just before show time to the climax of the actual show. What a day! I'm certainly going to be downloading that one from here. Many thanks Mr Pink-Camel for sharing your site with us. Much love and appreciation to you. Cheers. Craig
Comment:My work on this site and the forum makes sense if people enjoy it. This is the side effect. This website and forum, I salute Camel and her work!

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